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Igniting Purpose & Self-Care

The ministry of W.I.N.E. is birthed out of a passion to equip and empower women to embrace divine purpose. We are at our best, living fulfilled lives when we are not competing.


Sister-Girls, this journey is much deeper than who we see in the mirror. W.I.N.E. is equipping and empowering women to grow in the direction of the promise. We engage this assignment through Devotional Resources, Inspirational Books, Personal Development and Spiritual Life Coaching. A Christ centered life produces fruit that lasts. It's your time to Live On Purpose - IN Purpose! Now go be great! 

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" I was richly blessed by the women's breakfast on Saturday! You cannot begin to know the impact of what God put on your heart to deliver - made on my life. During altar call, I thought the Lord would have me pour into someone else, but He used that as a time to pour into me and refresh me by connecting me to a sister who discerned exactly what I have been going through. The all male panel was awesome! They flowed so great together - strong men of God they are! I can go on and on. I can't wait to read your book, Seven Days..."

-Keisha Barham, Virginia


"I thoroughly enjoy receiving your newsletters. Today's is especially wonderful, as it has fallen right in line with what I was thinking about. Reading your words made me think, Oh my, this was me last night. This was me today, as I reflected over my bible study notes from last night. "Lord of My Life." Thank you for sharing your heart and your love of the Lord with me and the other women and men that may be receiving this publication. I look forward to your next letter."

-Gladys M. Artis, Pennsylvania



"W.I.N.E. is stimulating to the soul. It encourages me not to become preoccupied with my failures. There are moving scriptures provided in order that I not allow my faith to be placed in the wrong people, places or things. W.I.N.E. offers a sweet aroma in the air for the mind and heart of God's daughters when absorbing tools the website, ( has to offer. The newsletter gives you hope and that special feeling in knowing what God promises we can all believe. I have fallen numerous times but W.I.N.E. offers me a refreshing drink from the True Vine bringing me back to spiritual wellness."

-Phyllis Silver, North Carolina



"W.I.N.E. has blessed me because . . . after hearing so much negativity during daily interactions, I need to hear something positive and uplifting. W.I.N.E. also challenges me to examine myself."

-Wanda Cooper, Texas

More Testimonials . . .

"Before I started life coaching I was not pleased with where I was in life - in a “place of stuck”.  I needed an overhaul personally, professionally, socially and spiritually. The coaching sessions were always dynamic and relevant . . . I have experienced remarkable growth. Thank you Jacqueline for guiding me through this transforming and most of all your dedication to excellence!"

-Keisha, ​Newport News, VA


"Your ministry is truly touching women's lives and making a redemptive difference."

-Amanda Lee, Hampton, VA


"The Empowerment Breakfast changed my life for the greater. Lives are being touched and transformed by the power of God."

-Tasha, Hampton, VA

Women Empowering Women Today

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