• Jacque O'

Fruit or Foliage:

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

What are you producing? What are you producing? This is a question that can be used as a self-inspection tool. What exactly am I producing in my life today? Am I happy with my level of personal productivity? Personal productivity is simply taking the necessary steps to get closer to a desired goal. This requires you to consider the next step to take action on today. What is the one thing you can do right now to set your personal level of productivity in motion - going in the direction of your goal.

Your next step is what leads to whether you will produce the desired fruit or only foliage. The Bible reveals the story of a fig tree, (Matthew Chapter 11). Jesus saw this fig tree off in the distance. The expectation was that since there were leaves on the tree, there would be some type of fruit budding. I am told that with a fig tree, leaves indicate fruit. However, upon closer inspection of the three all He discovered was a lot of foliage; no fruit only leaves.

What are you producing in your own life? Is it the appearance of fruit because you are so thick with foliage? If you're not pleased with your personal level of productivity it's time to take a deeper look within. Determine what this means for you and take action today. Your personal level of productivity will result in what type of harvest you yield.

What Are You Producing?




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